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Чужая боль

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Чужая боль

Чем измерить чужую боль?
Да и есть ли такая мера?
Кто измерит чужую боль?
Непрестанная в Духе вера….

Как поверить в чужую боль?
Лишь проникнув в неё любовью…
Как заставить убраться боль?
Однозначно, Христовой кровью!

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Михаил Потылицын Михаил Потылицын, Минусиснк, Россия

сайт автора: личная страница

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Рождественский Подарок (перевод с англ.) - ПуритАночка
Оригинал принадлежит автору Pure Robert, текст привожу: A VISIT FROM THE CHRISTMAS CHILD Twas the morning of Christmas, when all through the house All the family was frantic, including my spouse; For each one of them had one thing only in mind, To examine the presents St. Nick left behind. The boxes and wrapping and ribbons and toys Were strewn on the floor, and the volume of noise Increased as our children began a big fight Over who got the video games, who got the bike. I looked at my watch and I said, slightly nervous, “Let’s get ready for church, so we won’t miss the service.” The children protested, “We don’t want to pray: We’ve just got our presents, and we want to play!” It dawned on me then that we had gone astray, In confusing the purpose of this special day; Our presents were many and very high-priced But something was missing – that something was Christ! I said, “Put the gifts down and let’s gather together, And I’ll tell you a tale of the greatest gift ever. “A savior was promised when Adam first sinned, And the hopes of the world upon Jesus were pinned. Abraham begat Isaac, who Jacob begat, And through David the line went to Joseph, whereat This carpenter married a maiden with child, Who yet was a virgin, in no way defiled. “Saying ‘Hail, full of Grace,’ an archangel appeared To Mary the Blessed, among women revered: The Lord willed she would bear – through the Spirit – a son. Said Mary to Gabriel, ‘God’s will be done.’ “Now Caesar commanded a tax would be paid, And all would go home while the census was made; Thus Joseph and Mary did leave Galilee For the city of David to pay this new fee. “Mary’s time had arrived, but the inn had no room, So she laid in a manger the fruit of her womb; And both Joseph and Mary admired as He napped The Light of the World in his swaddling clothes wrapped. “Three wise men from the East had come looking for news Of the birth of the Savior, the King of the Jews; They carried great gifts as they followed a star – Gold, frankincense, myrrh, which they’d brought from afar. “As the shepherds watched over their flocks on that night, The glory of God shone upon them quite bright, And the Angel explained the intent of the birth, Saying, ‘Glory to God and His peace to the earth.’ “For this was the Messiah whom Prophets foretold, A good shepherd to bring his sheep back to the fold; He was God become man, He would die on the cross, He would rise from the dead to restore Adam’s loss. “Santa Claus, Christmas presents, a brightly lit pine, Candy canes and spiked eggnog are all very fine; Let’s have fun celebrating, but leave not a doubt That Christ is what Christmas is really about!” The children right then put an end to the noise, They dressed quickly for church, put away their toys; For they knew Jesus loved them and said they were glad That He’d died for their sins, and to save their dear Dad.

Дождь - Рита Шевцова

Прости - Наталья Ильмукова

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Цветочная роса - Настя Горюнова

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Признание - Юрий Вербицкий

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